Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When you stare at a mess day after day, it's hard to see any progress through the mountain of boxes that still reside. I have to keep reminding myself that there is progress though. We did get some things crossed off the to-do list which brings it down to only eleventy-billion more to go.

This was the first weekend in I'm not sure how long that we didn't go to Irmo to work on that house. That doesn't mean that we stayed put in Spartanburg though. Saturday we headed to Greenville to take maternity pictures of Jessica and Bryan on Furman's campus. I'd never been and it really is a beautiful area. Bryan was a trooper as clearly "kiss and hold" really isn't his favorite and Jessica stuck it out through all of the "now bend this way and look over here" moments. Fingers are crossed we got some good ones!

We had lunch at Taco Casa {not my favorite but the hubs and Jessica go crazy over it...guess you have to be from Greenville to be obsessed}. The hubs fed Quinn some of his bean burrito and declared the baby now loved Taco Casa as well. We'll see about that... The rest of the day was spent going to a huge kids consignment sale, Surplus Warehouse to look at cabinets {unfortunately they closed 15 minutes before we got there}, Michael's, Jessica's parents' house to scope out her baby shower set up, and then a drive out to Simpsonville to see the progress on their house that's being built. Whew!

Actually house unpacking progress didn't happen until Sunday... what did we do again?

  • mowed our massive back yard {the hubs}
  • washed and put away 3? 4? what feels like 17? loads of laundry {me}
  • attempted to find a home for all of our clothes {me}
    • side note: the hubs is insistent that we can fit everything in our room but I just don't think it's possible. Old house had a walk-in with built in shoe cubbies and I still had overflow in the guest room. New house has a crummy closet with no shoe cubbies. Seriously, where do I put all of the shoes??
  • put away one more box of kitchen stuff {me}
  • assembled the guest bed {the hubs}
  • cleared the nursery of all boxes and painted the walls {the hubs}
  • cleaned/put away all bathroom stuff {me}

It's not the prettiest bathroom by any means but it's clean. We want to get a new vanity with double sinks. The current has the one sink with the open cubby on the other side. Never understood the point of that. Such wasted space. Also it takes some man-handling to be able to open those drawers. They aren't sitting on rails, just wood. The color, well, the color looks like something out of Quinn's diaper. 

I haven't found the shower curtains yet, but I plan on putting up a really pretty blue striped one I already have and navy rugs. I want to paint the walls a light blue gray and the cabinets a charcoal gray. I've become obsessed with the blue/gray color combo. Luckily the tile in the shower and on the floor is already a blue so it'll go perfectly with my game plan.

When I went into the bathroom to take the picture, Quinn caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror so I set him down and let him play.

After the initial suspicious looks he started to give the baby in the mirror kisses. I wish I would have taken a picture of that but I was too busy laughing. It was pretty cute until I had to clean up all of the drool all over the mirror.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love that first picture of him. That expression is priceless!