Thursday, August 30, 2012

mourning summer

I was talking with my mom last night about the end of summer. It seems everyone I know is ready. They're ready for fall, for cooler weather, football season, jeans, boots, scarves, soups, the whole shebang. I'm not, not one bit. Summer is my favorite season. Even though where we live often hits record breaking highs in the 100s, I enjoy it.

I just love everything that comes with summer including beach trips, pool days, boating on the lake, longer days, the smell of sunscreen, cook outs, water fights, bug spray, and flip flops. I'm not ready to let all of that go just yet. Lucky for me just because the calendar says September does not mean that South Carolina automatically starts to cool down. I'm pretty certain the hot days will stick around for a little longer.

I feel like I'm mourning the loss of my summer. I know God had bigger plans for us this year. He showed us part of His plan with the new jobs and move, but with this plan meant letting go part of mine. This was supposed to be the summer of fun. Our boat was fixed and ready to go out on the lake every weekend. We had planned our anniversary trip to Charleston and I was even {semi} prepared to let my parents watch the baby for the weekend. We were going to have our 3rd annual beach trip to Isle of Palms with our friends.

Sadly none of that happened. Vacation was used to go on job interviews. The Charleston trip was traded in for house hunting. The boat currently sits in the hubs' sister's backyard. We were able to take it out one afternoon for the 4th of July, but it was rushed and only for a couple of hours. I was ready to take an absurd amount of pictures featuring baby toes in the sand. I was ready to lather on the sunscreen and don my floppy hat. I was even ready to brave putting on a bathing suit, although it would be a tankini instead of bikini, but I was still ready!

So while everyone keeps pinning recipes containing pumpkin and exclaiming how happy they are that it's only 80 outside, I'll keep wishing for a few more days of hot with a side of sunscreen.

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