Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what a day

Yesterday was rough on so many levels.

Baby level:
Quinn decided that he wanted to be awake from 1am-7am. I nursed and rocked and bounced and soothed and ignored his cries but he just wasn't happy with any of it. At one point I had nursed him at 4am, 5:30am, and then again at 7am. He was just a hot mess which made mama a hot mess. After the 7am feeding he finally crashed for a couple of hours and so did I.

Later that afternoon we went to the pediatrician's for Quinn's two week visit. While everything is coming along perfectly, my poor baby has thrush. For those that don't know, thrush is a yeast infection in his mouth. Since I breastfeed, I have it as well and let's just say it is not a pleasant feeling (omg I think I'm on fire!). He gets an oral medication four times a day and I get to apply a cream after every time I nurse. Pray that we both clear up quickly and don't pass it back and forth between each other.

Technology level:
My phone started beeping at me that I was running out of storage room and must clear out stored data as soon as possible. Somehow, someway I managed to delete all of my contacts and restore the phone back to factory settings. Ugh! Luckily I have backup assistant and everything was saved online, but on the flip side it took me over an hour to figure out how to download it all back on my phone.

I love my laptop. It may be a Mac Powerbook from 2006 but it works just fine for me. It's familiar and I know how to use it. Unfortunately things are starting to go. The battery doesn't last 4.5 hours any longer, more like 2 if I'm lucky, but that's not the major issue. When I plug in the charger it doesn't always make contact inside the computer. I have to twist and wiggle and jiggle until the light comes on indicating that it's connected. At one point last night it would not light up no matter how much I shook it around.  Luckily the hubs found a replacement part on ebay for $40. I just hope that it works.

Family level:
I found out that my grandfather isn't doing too well. He's currently in a nursing home. He had been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and a bladder infection and while the doctors were clearing up all that they found out he has kidney cancer. Since he is 87 years old there isn't going to be any treatment. Please pray that they can just keep him comfortable.

I had a feeling deep down that things were going south with him. I try my best to write him a letter every month or so and the past couple he never responded to. it's very unlike him not to send at least a little note back. It makes me sad that he might never see a picture of his great grandson. Maybe I'll be able to send him a letter to the nursing home and someone could read it to him.

these two are my everything

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