Monday, November 14, 2011

the time has come

We get to meet our sweet boy tomorrow!

I had another check up this afternoon and the hubs wanted to come along to tell the doctor of our decision to induce by the 21st so we can be home on Thanksgiving. Funny thing was that he never had the chance! The doctor came in and first words out of his mouth were, "if you are still showing signs of progress, would you be ok with being induced?"

Ten minutes later we were walking out with an appointment for 5:30 tomorrow morning. I never thought I could feel so many emotions so quickly and all at the same time. My stomach is still doing flip flops.

I'm beyond thrilled that the time has come, but I'm still terrified of the unknown. So many questions are racing through my head! I'm trying my best to stay calm and know in a very short time my son will be in my arms. Wish us luck!

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  1. Best of luck tomorrow! We will be praying for Baby Q and a safe delivery!