Sunday, August 28, 2011

pregnancy confessions

I keep reading that this is the point where my hair (all of my hair) becomes thick and luscious, as in, bust out the razor. I've always had thick hair on my head so it doesn't feel different in that area and I haven't noticed any need to increase my shaving habits, but I have noticed that my hair hardly ever looks oily. My confession: I've gone up to 4 days without washing it. Gross, maybe, but I'm completely ok with it.

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I've mentioned before how being pregnant is not my favorite. I don't find kicks and movement magical. I really don't think I'll miss this special time where it's just me and Q. I have even started feeling some of the pregnancy ailments such as back pain. My confession: even though this is how I feel and I stand behind my own opinions, I've started lying to people. Lying and saying that everything is great is just so much easier. People expect a happy girl who loves being pregnant, so that's what I give them to avoid the weird looks.

I went to the grocery store during my lunch break to buy klondike bars. What would you do for a klondike bar?

I crave sweets all-the-time. I think I could eat nothing but until my teeth fell out. I know I should be more careful about how much I consume, especially since my mom had gestational diabetes. I also should make an effort not to gain absurd amounts of weight during my pregnancy since it'll just be that much harder to get it off later. They're just so yummy!

Everytime I look down at my belly I can't help but think people see me as fat and not pregnant. I know this is a bit ridiculous because when I look in the mirror I can see the roundness of my prego belly. The view looking down is just so deceiving.

Speaking of are my last two weeks of bump pictures.

27 weeks

28 weeks


  1. People are so weird. I always felt like I had to complain in the beginning and end when I didn't really have any complaints. It is the same once the kid is born and people ALWAYS ask how they are sleeping and if they are sleeping through the night! So annoying! I don't miss being pregnant.

  2. My mom totally had a "I'm not fat I'm pregnant" shirt.