Monday, August 29, 2011

nursery progress

Most people spend lots of time and effort creating the perfect nursery for their little one. This normally includes clearing out a room, painting, finding the perfect crib bedding, and maybe even creating some original art. 

We are doing all that...and then some. The hubs saw this as the perfect opportunity to completely remodel the former guest room. Below is what we started with.

Nothing special really. The first step was to remove all of the furniture from the room. I didn't want to lose our guest room in the process though so I moved all of my craft things to the room in the back and then the guest room into the former craft room.

The hubs tore out the carpet next. Our first plan was to have it re-stretched when he was done with everything else, but now he is going to put down a hardwood floor instead.

The walls were covered in textured paint. Instead of trying to sand the texture off, the hubs ripped off all the sheet-rock.

After the sheet-rock came down, he rewired the entire room. The guest bath electrical was tied into this room so if you blew a fuse while blow drying your hair, half the outlets in the nursery went out.

The popcorn ceiling also had to be scraped. Fortunately it was not put up correctly and easily peeled off. The only room left in the house with the popcorn is now the back room.

New sheet-rock went up!

The bathroom had built in shelves that we decided to get rid of, mainly because if you wanted to hang a picture in the nursery the nail would come through the other side of the shelves in the bathroom.

The hubs mudded all the screws and seams.

Three coats of mud and sanding later, he primed the whole room.

Now the walls have the first coat of paint! The color is Eloquent Ivory by Glidden but Candy Apple Red will be added soon.

I have to say I'm feeling much better about this very large project seeing how quickly things are moving along. In the meantime, my mom is helping us by painting the crib and dresser that will be the changing table. Hooray progress!

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