Sunday, August 14, 2011

growing boy

Looking back at my bump pictures, these last two weeks have been the most drastic in change. You can definitely tell our little boy is growing!

week 24 - taken while we were at the beach

week 25

week 26!

Now I have to admit, the week 26 picture is a bit deceiving. My belly was bigger based on it being later in the day and having a full tummy after lunch. I am noticing many more comments on my size though. I can tell people are much more confident I'm pregnant and aren't afraid to mention it. 

While most comments don't bother me {your belly is really popping! look at that baby growing!}, there have been a couple instances that just make me shake my head. One being, "did you have a really big lunch?" and the other, "I'm gonna rub your belly!" Here's a little secret, I do not like being touched, so when someone declares that they are going to touch me panic begins to set in. I did manage to grab her hand and say, "please don't", but it didn't stop her other hand from reaching. I just don't get it. 

Q is really starting to kick. I can see my belly shake and while I'm still not the biggest fan, I'm getting used to it. I know it's a mixed blessing because if he wasn't moving around that would be worse. The hubs hasn't really shown interest in feeling him move. I think he finds it as odd as I do ha!

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to bend over and pick things up. Between a growing belly and a bad ankle squatting down can be a challenge if I don't have anything to pull myself back up with. I haven't started swelling yet, but I am going to get a foot stool for under my desk. I noticed I'm starting to get some spider veins from the lack of circulation and I'm sure sitting with my feet underneath me isn't helping haha. 

As I begin the third trimester, I hope everything goes smoothly!

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  1. Aren't the kicks you can see weird! I think my husband enjoys them though since he's not feeling it all the time like I am. It weirds me out a bit too.

    I'm having a hard time with basic things as well due to the belly. I can't imagine how women functioned without appliances. :)