Friday, January 29, 2010

poop monster

The new pup, Ella-Mae, has taken on the adorable nickname of Poop Monster. It's ridiculous the amount of bathes I've given her in the past month. When Shiloh was a puppy she had her share of accidents but Ella is just amazing. She poops in her crate and then sleeps in it without a care in the world.

Danny took her to the vet this past Monday. At 15 weeks she's only 10.7 lbs. She is tiny. Shiloh was at least twice that size at that age. Another instance that makes me think the "breader" Charlie got her from lied like a dog! Danny mentioned that he thinks their may be Jack Russel in her. As I watched her bounce around the kitchen, I began to think he's right.

her ears don't flop right lol

Ella's mange is almost completely gone. She doesn't scratch herself constantly anymore, but she did develop a small staff infection from all the scratching so she's now on antibiotics. Mom and Daddy are keeping Shiloh for another week just to be on the safe side. I'll be happy when we can have both of them together. Hopefully Ella will start learning things from Shiloh -- like how to pee and poop outside and not in her crate!


  1. her little face!!! I want to scoop her up and put a dress on her! I mean....

  2. she is adorable

    and would look great in a dress