Sunday, January 10, 2010

not ready slash too lazy

Yes it's January 10th and yes my Christmas decorations are still up. While part of me just loves Christmas too much to take them down, the bigger reason is that I've just been too lazy. I told myself I would take them all down this weekend but we decided to do some house hunting instead.

The house hunting was on the positive side. Danny was on the computer till 2 am last night finding houses and plotting our plan of attack. We narrowed down our internet list to a list where we want to see the inside of the house and we got to be creepos in the process. We were peeking in windows and looking through back gates.

Fingers are crossed that the stars line up and we find "the one". Wish us luck!


  1. Oh good. I don't feel so bad now. Ah ha. Mine are still up. And I don't think they're coming down tomorrow either.

  2. Good luck house hunting! Can be all consuming, I wonder how people did it before the Internet? I hope you find the perfect home!

  3. do not feel bad - mine are still up too and i know my house will look so bare without them that it is hard to take them down but i think this weekend i may attempt it