Tuesday, January 26, 2010

happy birthday hubs - I love how you'll always be older than me

Today is this guy's 28th birthday.

Man he's old, although totally adorable, but I'm totally ok with that. Why you ask? Because I'll always be younger. Love that. He robbed the craddle when he married this girl (not really...I'm only four years younger, but he likes to say he did all. the. time.).

The above picture was taken last year on his birthday when I got him that gun. I also got him a gun for the previous birthday. I told him this year, "no more guns for your birthday" and I actually stuck with it. Mainly because we're poor since we're buying a house, but that's beside the point.

I did get him an amazingly awesome card that references how lucky he is that he has a hot babe of a wife (the card's words, not mine) and also made him a from the box from scratch chocolate cake with chocolate icing. The fur-babies were thoughtful enough to get him cards as well.

mmm cake

he totally faked me out

then smirked when I fell for it

which annoyed me cause then I missed the for real blow out...damn his sneakiness

I totally bagged the little something idea. I just know that the little something idea was more for me than him since it involves craftiness, pictures, cuteness, and feelings. He's just not really into that kinda stuff. It's not manly like guns! I'm still gonna do the little something someday. I've even started gathering the appropriate things needed. I'll post when it's finished (and link back to this post as a reminder since I'm sure it'll be about 3 years from now).

Random thought: My 100th post is about the hubs. Seems fitting since he's a 100 in my book (way better than a 10).


  1. So sweet! I gotta remind my hubby to get me a birthday card telling me I'm a sexy wife!

  2. aww, how fun! happy late birthday to the hubs! that cake looks delicious, by the way.

    i love your your hubby says he "robbed the cradle" and you two are only four years apart... that statement definitely holds true for my bf! haha

  3. Okay - have to admit the gun picture kinda freaked me. But the yummy looking cake made up for it!