Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24th

As I was laying in bed one night, I was trying to think of how to celebrate Danny's 27th birthday. All of a sudden John Belushi in a toga popped into my head. What better way to celebrate than with a toga party! I rounded up all of our friends and the toga countdown began.

Surprisingly, most wore togas. I have to say the best out of the bunch was Neil. He got fabric and gold rope, while the rest of us donned sheets. I even manager to wrap one around Danny for a nanosecond. We all had a lot of fun.

Mom sent this amazing cake over with Casey. It was in the shape of a motorcycle and it took her three hours to decorate. She said she will never do it again, so enjoy it haha. I had lots of munchies set up along with my first attempt at making hummus. It came out decent, but I really need a food processor. Danny set up a beer pong table on our screen porch and many a game was played. Lots of stories were told of course. It was a good night.

Mom is so amazing!

Matt and Robin

Casey and Susie

Neil and Kristen

Shiloh in her camo

Bryan and Jessica

Jen and Kristen

our *normal* picture

Neil and Casey shotgunnin'

Neil has a little more experience under his belt

Susie playing beer pong

Casey and Neil

Danny being silly opening his gifts (the Old Guys Rule was my gift to him by the way)

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