Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21th

The past week at my work has been full of changes. As people were let go because of the consolidation others had to adjust and take on their accounts. I was one of the "lucky ones" who received a new account. Unfortunately because of certain circumstances, I ended up with an account that normally I would not handle. This required a bit of adjusting for me and a lot of learning.

On top of new responsibilities, we also have to deal with physically moving within the building. The building is being updated with new offices and a better layout, which is greatly appreciated, but with this new update all of customer service has to move from upstairs to the training room downstairs temporarily until our new offices are completed sometime in April. Having everything shuffled around can really through someone out of whack.

With all of this happening on top of my normal responsibilities apparently I was a little stressed out. I went to the doctor on Friday and come to find out I have shingles. Thankfully I was given medicine that immediately relieved the pain, but here's proof that stressing out can be more than just stressing out.

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