Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18th

After receiving the Wii for Christmas, I had been wanting a Wii Fit to go with it. Unfortunately I was not the only one with this thought process. Danny and i had been checking the stores here and there and had been finding nothing. A Wii FIt was no where to be found.

On Sunday, I called mom to check the newspaper to see if anyone advertised having Wii Fits in stock. Score! Best buy and Target both had adds in the paper saying they would have some in stock. I was so excited, and nervous that there would be a line out the door, that I had Danny go with me to the store at 11:45 even though it didn't open until 1:30. While there wasn't a line until 1 o'clock when they gave out vouchers, Danny was a good sport about waiting in the car all that time with me. Oh did I mention it was also raining? Nevertheless, I got a voucher and got my Wii FIt!

In return for doing this for me, Danny and I went to the gun and knife show at the Jamil Temple. I had never been to a show before and it was quite interesting. There were lots of guns and knives of course, but there was also camo and war relics and books and tasers and jewelry. Who knew?

Danny had been asking for this certain shotgun for awhile now and while we were at the show he found it. It was just what he had been wanting so we got it as an early birthday present. On the way home I told him not to expect me to get him a gun for his birthday every year now since last birthday I had given him his rifle. He just laughed.

One happy boy.

Testing out the new toy.

Neil was over and gave it a go.

I tried the new guy too. Not a huge fan cause I prefer my little 22 (and yes I'm wearing brightly colored rain boots while I shoot).

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