Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16th

My parents’ neighbors, Iain and Helen, were in town from England for the week so Friday evening after we had returned from the bowl game Danny and I met them, along with my parents, downtown. We started at the Flying Saucer for some drinks and stories. Iain is always good for a crazy story or three. He never fails to make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts.

After chatting it up for a bit we walked down the street to the Blue Marlin for dinner. It only got more interesting from here. More stories were told and more laughter followed. The food was wonderful and when it came time for the bill the fight began. My parents wanted to pay but of course Iain and Helen weren’t going to settle for that. Daddy and Iain each had a hand on the bill and the waitress stood there helpless. She decided to come back in a bit to see who would end up paying – smart girl. The turning point of the fight was when Daddy threatened to kiss Iain if he didn’t give him the bill. Worst – move – ever. Iain took that threat a step further and planted one on Daddy right on the lips. We all burst into laughter and Daddy ended up paying the bill but not without excepting at least some money from Iain to make it fair. By the time we got out of the restaurant I’m sure everyone sitting around us was all very happy to see us go. Never a dull moment with my parents and their friends.

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