Wednesday, September 4, 2013

labor day weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was jam packed full of fun. We headed to my sister-in-law's house Friday evening and didn't leave until Monday after dinner!

Saturday was the first Clemson football game against the Georgia Bulldogs and whoo-whee was it a doozy! ESPN Game Day was on Bowman starting at 9 o'clock. We all got to campus around 10 and milled around for a bit.

Quinn was able to run out some energy on Bowman while we waited to hear the ESPN crew announce who they thought was going to win the game. They picked Georgia (boo) but turns out we didn't need their support. Clemson won anyway!

This year we have season tickets directly behind Tiger Band. The view is pretty good and it almost feels like home ha! The Georgia players ran through the band to try and "meet" the Clemson players at the bottom of the hill. I had flashbacks to my freshman year in 2004 when the South Carolina players did the same thing, except that time I was down on the field trying not to get knocked over.

I was actually very thankful for an intense back and forth game. It kept me interested and awake! The game didn't end until a little over midnight. Luckily we were able to scoot out of traffic quickly and get back to Kathy's by 1:15.

The next morning Kevin was so kind to watch Quinn for us so we could sleep in. I'm not sure the last time I slept till 11! Kevin and Kathy had friends come over for a cookout later that afternoon. There were 8 little ones running around, having a blast. We took them to the park after dinner to expel the energy!

Monday we took the boat out on Lake Hartwell for one last hurrah. Sadly we were only able to enjoy the boat twice this summer. Maybe next year will be better. The kids went tubing and loved jumping off the dock. Even Quinn got in on a little of the action. Danny sat on the tube in the water and Quinn jumped into the water where I caught him. He would immediately want to climb back up and say, "Set! Jump!" (ready, set, jump).

It's a little hard to see in the picture since we didn't get very close, but that's Clemson's stadium from the lake.

While Quinn was napping, Eric convinced Uncle Danny to help build some legos.

It was a fantastic weekend but very tiring haha! I love seeing Quinn play with his cousins. He'll be doing lots of that this fall as we head back each weekend for another football game!

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