Thursday, September 5, 2013


While the hubs and I were in Savannah for our anniversary, we went into a fun cooking shop full of neat kitchen gadgets. We saw popsicle molds along with recipes books and I thought it would be something fun to make Quinn.

We didn't end up getting anything from that shop {I'm too cheap} but later on when the hubs was at Ikea getting my craft room tables he saw they had a popsicle mold for just a couple dollars and brought it home.

I whipped up a batch of "batter" using different fruits and yogurt and then popped them into the freezer. Of course I couldn't get Quinn to try the popsicle for the life of me. He's such a weird kid. He LOVES yogurt blended with fruit and I thought the cold popsicle would feel good on his teething gums.

After a few failed attempts, I gave up trying to get him to suck on one. I pulled one out for me to eat and duh that's when he wanted it. Mama's food is always better!

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