Friday, April 20, 2012

Quinn is five months old

Dear Quinn,

My sweet baby boy, you are growing like crazy. Even though the footies you are wearing in these pictures are a six months size, I believe this is the last time you'll be able to wear them. Your little legs are all scrunched up! Will you please stay little forever?

We tried to increase your bottle to 5oz but your nanny told me you were struggling with finishing it so back down to 4.5oz you went. You eat every three hours and have settled into a pretty rocking schedule. During the week you eat at 6, 9, 12, 3, 6, and then we pushed your last feeding back to 8:30. You get so tired and cranky I think you appreciate the earlier bed time. I might even try pushing it back to 8 here soon.

We don't have any weight or height stats to report this month. You have your six month visit so we will see where you are then.

As I mentioned before, one of your six month footies is already too small, but honestly I think this one is just sized small. The rest of your six month clothing all fits perfectly and even some still have growing room left. Mommy tired to put a pair of three month pants on you and while they fit just fine in the waist I had to take them off because of the length. We can't have you wearing culottes!

We were a little worried about pushing your bedtime back figuring you would fight us on it, but much to our delight you just went with it. Mommy especially loves the extra half hour after you're asleep so she can finish getting ready for tomorrow and then get to bed herself! {and sometimes even have time to blog hehe}

You've even started to take naps in the afternoon. Between your 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock feedings you normally take a nap. Sometimes it's for only 30 minutes and other times you sleep for the entire 3 hours. While the length might not be consistent, mommy's just happy you're napping at all.

You really enjoy different textures. You stroke your fleece lovies and snuggle them by your face when you nap. It's pretty adorable. You also enjoy rubbing my shirt as you nurse. Memere says that mommy was the exact same was when she was a baby.

We still haven't started you on any food yet. You don't seem very interested so we aren't in a rush. We think we are going to take the finger food approach instead of pureeing everything once you are six months.

Quinn you are such a funny boy. You keep your daddy and me laughing all the time. Your personality is developing more and more every day and it is so special to watch. I love seeing your grow before my eyes and I savor every moment. We love you!


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