Tuesday, April 24, 2012

happy birthday to me

This past Wednesday was my 26th birthday. I think I've finally hit the point in my life where it has become just another birthday. Don't get me wrong. I still love the attention and presents and happy wishes, but I'm completely content to go out to dinner with close friends instead of having a full blown birthday bash.

A couple weeks earlier the hubs and I went to Greenville to buy me a new MacBook. My old Mac laptop is still perfectly fine except for the fact that it was made before the intel chip therefore none of the new technology works with it. When I plug in my iPhone or iPod it'll charge but that's it. Boooooo to that. At least all of the hubs' overtime money went to a good cause.

We agreed that the laptop was my birthday present since it was a high dollar flashy purchase. Color me surprised and caught off guard when Wednesday morning the hubs handed me a velvet jewelry box. Inside was a gorgeous pearl necklace. I'm completely in love with it and him. He does spoil me.

Another fun surprise was when a delivery of beautiful tulips (my favorite) arrived at work care of my mom. The note reads "I love you more than you love me" except I'm pretty sure that's impossible because I love her to the moon and back.

The night wrapped up with a laid back dinner out to Zorba's with the Cegelises and Antleys. Lucky for us we were stashed in an empty part of the restaurant allowing us to be as loud as we wanted (our voices tend to carry a bit when everyone starts telling stories). It also came in handy when Quinn had his eight o'clock meltdown right on time.

Quinn was partying down in his car seat

Bryan and Jessica - the latest of our parents-to-be friends!

Kristen and Jason

little family of three - Quinn was passed out under the blanket ha!

the girls

Perfect way to welcome a new year.

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