Thursday, April 12, 2012


Quinn's first Easter was special, but very easy going {just the way we like it!}. We didn't end up making it to church because it was a sunrise service at 7 o'clock in the morning. Since we go to a small church there wasn't another service - oh well.

We had a beautiful lunch at my parents house and afterwards took Quinn down to the dock for some pictures with his first Easter basket. We were going to take them at our house but someone was super cranky and ready for a nap ha!

His first Easter basket didn't have any candy or chocolate, but it had plenty of treats! Quinn got new waterproof bibs, 3 8oz bottles, a toy to hang from his car seat, 2 different freezable teething rings, a Fisher-Price musical stuffed puppy, 3 Carter's outfits, and adorable baby sunglasses! The Easter bunny may have gone a little wild.

checking it all out

my sweet boy knows how to stand!

surprisingly, Quinn didn't try to rip off his new shades

LOVE this picture

our little family {normally the hubs is behind the camera}

How was your Easter? I hope just as special as ours!

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