Sunday, April 15, 2012

happy little sunday

Today was another low key day. The hubs finished the gate between the garage and screened porch. It looks really nice. I meant to snap a picture, but of course forgot. I'm sure the dogs are much happier now that they can run around the entire back yard instead of being penned up in their kennel. They could use some exercise. They're getting a little porky haha!

Speaking of exercise. I decided to take Quinn on a walk this afternoon. It was the first time I strapped him in the stroller without using his car seat. He seemed to really enjoy himself. I was a good mama and made sure to rub down my little redhead with sunscreen. Don't want that fair skin of his getting sunburnt.

It wasn't more than five minutes before Quinn passed out. I lowered the seat back to a reclined position and kept on trucking. It really is the perfect scenario, mama gets some exercise and baby gets a good nap. My goal is to try and take a walk with him at least three nights a week. I've got to stop making excuses and just get my butt in gear.

It's so easy to forget how much better I feel after I get my heart rate up a little bit. I walked the loop around our neighborhood and then decided to cross the street and make a loop in that neighborhood as well. It was a nice change of scenery.

After our walk Quinn was ready to play. He's got so much energy and just tires me out! We got down on the floor and rolled around on the play mat. He's become a pro at rolling from his back to his tummy now. It's just so adorable how proud of himself he is when he flips over.

That short attention span gets him every time though. He soon tired of the play mat so we moved on to the exersaucer.

The hubs bought a new lens for his camera and I'm in love with it. Here are a couple pictures he snapped yesterday morning while I was making breakfast.

It doesn't hurt that he had a really adorable model to shoot. Quinn was sitting in his bumbo playing and just babbling on and on. We are so lucky that he's such a happy baby!

We ended our Sunday with dinner at Wild Wing Cafe. Quinn was boogieing down in the booth next to me with the biggest grin on his face.

It was a happy little Sunday indeed.

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