Thursday, December 22, 2011

life saver

We recently purchased what I deem to be the best baby item to date, My Little Snugabunny Cradle n Swing. It seriously has been a life saver. Quinn likes to be moving, whether swinging, bouncing, or rocking it doesn't matter as long as he's not sitting still. This swing has been perfect.

The hubs brought it home and promptly put it together (which only took about 10 minutes) and Quinn has been enjoying it ever since.

While we're on the topic of baby items below are some things that work for us and are Quinn approved.

I brought a couple of pacifier options to the hospital, but Quinn didn't like any of them. One of the nurses gave him the soothie and bam! we had a winner.

I love the Boppy, but not for nursing. Quinn likes to sleep on his side and the Bobby keeps him wedged in the perfect position.

This is the pillow I love for actual nursing. It is a stiffer foam and clips around you which means at four in the morning when you're half awake the pillow will stay in place and baby won't roll off. I recommend having a second cover for the brest friend and the bobby so when your little one has a blow out or spits up (both have happened to us multiple times) you'll have a clean cover to put on the pillow right away while the soiled one is in the washer.

We chose this car seat for two reasons. 1) it has wonderful safety reviews and more importantly 2) the hubs' sister had extra car seat bases that she was willing to give us so we didn't have to purchase them.

We have this stroller in orange. It is seriously the easiest stroller ever. It's light weight design and easy collapse handle are what initially sold me. 

Instead of having a travel system, we got this adapter to attach the car seat to our stroller. The travel systems just seemed so heavy and bulky to me. This keeps everything simple.

This little timer has been wonderful. When you are sleep deprived there's no telling when baby's last feeding or dirty diaper was. With this timer, you never have to keep track, just push the button. It also has a little flashlight built in which I've used several times in the middle of the night when I don't want to turn on a light.

As crazy as it may sound, you'll thank me later. I don't know if it's a little boy thing or a Quinn thing but I can't count how many times we've been in the middle of a diaper change and there's a fountain or a blow out. Instead of having to change the cover over and over, I just throw away the soiled piddle pad and replace it. 

We weren't planning on getting a monitor since our house isn't that large. Well Quinn has a very soft cry and it wasn't waking me up in the middle of the night if he wasn't in the room with us. The hubs picked out this monitor and it has been just perfect. It plugs in or can be portable. The blue sides light up when the baby cries if you'd rather use that as an indicator instead of the volume. 

I highly recommend having a breast pump before your baby arrives. We thought we were being smart by waiting to purchase a pump. What if something happened and I couldn't breastfeed? Then I'd be stuck with a very expensive pump. Unfortunately I ended up getting engorged and Quinn couldn't latch on. I was crying, he was crying, and the hubs was running around town trying to purchase a pump and get back home as quickly as possible. This manual pump has been perfect since I'm still at home but we plan on getting a Medela electric pump for when I go back to work.

So far these are the baby items we've used and loved. I know it's nearly impossible to predict what your baby will like, but hopefully this list will help the frantic soon-to-be mom searching "baby must haves" just like I was a few months ago.

I wasn't compensated for this post. It truly is just about baby items that have worked for us.


  1. Just thought I'd post on the pump. We have the Medela Pump in Style and it has the double option so you can pump both sides at once. Which is great! This pump has lasted six years and through dozens of babies (our girlfriends put in their reservation for their turn with it the second the are preggo). Each mom buys new attachments and now it travels in its own rubbermaid tub due to all the extras that have been added over the years. It has been a huge blessing to many a mom without the budget for an expensive pump. Just thought I'd share :)

  2. We have that swing too and love it. I picked it since it could be plugged in and I'm so glad I did. My only complaint is I wish the little headrest was removable so it would be washed. But, I think I'm going to cut it off and reattach it with some Velcro...

    We did the baby jogger stroller with adapter bar as well. I knew most of my mom friends switched strollers after about four or five months from the travel system and that didn't make sense to me. So, we did the same thing.

    Also, I had to get a pump to get my milk started, but due to (too many) issues to list had to stop nursing. So, now I have this really nice double pump and it's just sitting there. Sigh...

  3. That snugabunny swing is a GODSEND. My son is about ready to grow out of it and I just might cry the day he reaches the weight limit...