Monday, December 19, 2011

Cegelis christmas party

I'm a bit behind, forgive me, but I'm going to play a little catch up.

Two weekends ago was the annual Cegelis Christmas party. Every year our good friends Jessica and Bryan host a wonderful get-together that includes an ornament exchange. This was our third year going and I love each ornament that we have hanging on our tree. Such a wonderful way to capture the memories.

Quinn was the life of the party. Everyone wanted to hold and play with him. He did wonderful and slept through most of the evening except for one feeding.

I don't think I had Quinn out of the carrier completely before Neil asked to hold him

Jessica with Quinn

Kristen was hitting on my sweet boy and left a big kiss on his forehead

Jennifer had her turn with my sweet boy

ornament exchange

we celebrated the December birthdays by singing to Kristen

and Christie

Bryan finally had his turn with the baby

Such a lovely night with wonderful people. Hard to believe that just a few short years ago we were partying with these same people at college. Now here we are as married couples having Christmas get-togethers and babies. Oh how times have changed. We are growing up!

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