Monday, September 12, 2011

weekend of projects

This past weekend the hubs and I worked on our long to-do list. He spent his time working on the nursery and I'm so happy that it's almost finished. He's been working so hard! Here's what he has to do:

rip out carpet
tear down sheet-rock
rewire electrical
scrape popcorn off ceiling
put up new sheet-rock
mud and sand
paint cream base coat on walls and ceiling
paint red circus tent stripes on ceiling
install new ceiling fan
install wood flooring
paint trim/crown molding/baseboards
install trim/crown molding/baseboards
put up wall paper border

I won’t lie; I was a bit worried it would all get done in time. I really had prepared myself for Q to be sleeping in a pack & play in our room for a little while. The hubs has done an awesome job and I’m so proud of him. The nursery definitely makes my heart happy. Now I need to get going on my list!

sew curtains
sew crib bedding
sew rocking chair pads
find vintage circus posters to frame {I think I found them!}
paint his name or some sort of circus scene on a canvas
move all baby items into the nursery

Currently there are baby items scattered throughout the entire house. I’m very ready to get everything in Q’s room and organized.

baby junk in the dining room

in the living room

and in the guest room!

I've been taking pictures of the nursery progress and plan to do a huge reveal post when it's all complete. Until then this is the only sneak peak I can offer.

nursery curtains

I got on a curtain kick this weekend and decided to make the topper for the guest room. I've probably had the fabric for 6 months now ha! I also recovered the vanity stool with the same fabric to make it match.

While it was a very productive weekend, there's still plenty left on our lists!

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  1. The number of items checked off on your husbands list vs the number checked off on yours made me giggle. Getting your home ready for a fun! Enjoy! Oh, and ps - the curtains you made so far look really great!