Thursday, September 29, 2011

bump & baby update: 33 weeks

Another week has come and gone. As much as I'd like it to, time is not slowing down as requested. I'm starting to hit the frantic stage a bit as thoughts of Q arriving early enter my mind. The to-do list before he gets here is still quite long and there are some major items that need to get done, like, oh I don't know, sew his crib bedding.

Lord knows I'm the princess of procrastination, but with a deadline that isn't set in stone I'm taking a big risk. This Saturday my mom is hosting a shower for me and the bestie is coming to visit. I won't be able to do a million projects but I'm sure I can convince Shannon to help me organize all the baby things after the shower.

Here's the 33 week bump picture. While I still show no signs of stretch marks (thank goodness) my skin feels so tight I think it may pop like a rubber band. I've been marinating in lotion pretty frequently, but it seems the only real relief is to squeeze my belly so the skin isn't stretched. I'm sure this makes for an interesting picture as I sit at my desk at work poking and prodding my own stomach.

Q is still moving and shaking around, although I've notice the frequency is dying down a little. I suspect our little bean is quickly running out of wiggle room as he is packing on the pounds. Today's check up went well. His heart beat was at 166 and my belly is measuring at 32 weeks (a week behind). The hubs decided this could be a good thing because it hopefully means no 10 pound baby that I have to push out (I was 10 lbs 2 oz).

No new pregnancy ailments yet, unless you count the dreaded waddle. My back still bothers me, but I haven't started swelling and sleep is only interrupted by bathroom breaks.

Seven weeks to go!

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