Wednesday, March 16, 2011

spring fever

I'm self-diagnosing myself with spring fever. I long for the days of open windows, blooming flowers, and sunglasses. I'd love to escape the gloom and doom of winter and enjoy a day of this:

How lovely would it be to just sail around Lake Murray all afternoon? We could drift in open water and have a picnic lunch and then continue cruising around until the sun sets. 

Of course I would need the perfect sailing outfit. How adorable would I look wearing this:

can't be squinting all day - you'll get a headache!

the 3/4 sleeve would give you just the right amount of protection from all the wind

while white chinos would be darling as well, navy would be a better bet in case you get splashed by the waves

who doesn't love red paired with navy? so americana!


  1. sweet now we can get a sailboat!! ;-)

  2. you are so funny....

    oh..and have you ever been sailing? i have been twice and totally not as fun as it would seem :-)

    ...but maybe that is just cause my dad was yelling at us the whole time.