Friday, March 11, 2011

on the hunt

I've come to the conclusion that I do not own very many water proof jackets. In fact, when I look in the coat closet there's a only a handful.

The first is my Tiger Guard jacket. Technically this jacket is part of a wind suit. It's not waterproof and does not have a hood. Fine for a light mist, but nothing more.

The second is another Tiger Guard jacket. Again it really falls into the wind breaker/jacket category, but it does have a hood. Downfall is that it's a pullover.

The third is a pink jacket from Gap. It's double breasted and just lovely. Matches my rain boots perfectly. It is NOT waterproof. I found this out the hard way one Saturday when I decided to wear it to a Clemson football game. By the end of the first quarter the jacket weighed 50 lbs from all the water and I could feel the drips running down my back. Not good.

The last one is my North Face jacket. it is an actual rain jacket, but it's more for throwing on with jeans and a long sleeve tee, not over my business casual attire.

Let me present to you my pick for fixing my rain jacket dilemma:

Trench coats have been around for years and years so I feel confident in saying it would never go out of style. The next question though is, which color? Do I stay traditional and order the khaki? Or do I embrace the color and pick wine grape or willow green. My wellies would go lovely with either. 

Lucky for me Lands End offers to send you fabric swatches at no charge! I've requested all four colors (black, khaki, wine grape, and willow green) so I can make the proper decision. 

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  1. lol...goodness gracious..i would probably be a lot more in-style if i thought about clothing decisions like this :-)