Thursday, March 10, 2011

blogging funk

I've been in a bit of a funk lately, never wanting to blog. I have plenty of ideas to post, but just haven't been up to it I suppose. Well the funk must be broken!

This past weekend I went to see the bestie. She just moved into her new apartment and it was the perfect weekend to have a little girl time. The weekend was filled with movies, chatting, a trip to Ikea, and Just Dance for wii.

Friday night went from a simple night of wanting to stay in and watch Mary Poppins to an adventure (of course!). When we went to put the movie in the sound wouldn't work properly. We wiggled and jiggled, plugged and unplugged and nothing would happen. I decided the sound cord must be done for. Off we went to Walmart.

Who knew sound cords were so popular? Walmart was out so we decided Best Buy would be our next stop. Since Shannon wasn't familiar with where everything is located around her new apartment we looked for the closest store in her GPS (lovingly named Luanne).

Luanne got us to Best Buy alright...the distribution center. Nice try but how about a store where we can purchase our needed cord?

We finally made it to Best Buy and located a new sound cord. On our way to check out we noticed Just Dance 2 for wii. How could we pass up a chance to shake what our mamas gave us? Answer: we couldn't.

Let me tell you that game is just plain addicting. Not only is it entertaining, it's quite the workout. We were both hurting the next day but still couldn't say no to another round of dance offs and duets.

I will be purchasing my own copy very soon! I'm even already putting Just Dance: Michael Jackson the Experience on my wish list since my birthday is only about a month away...

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