Monday, April 6, 2015


About a month beforehand, my mom called me up and put in her request to have us spend Easter at the log cabin. She hadn't cooked for an army recently and who was I to deny her that pleasure? Quinn was actually able to spend a long weekend with them as well. His daycare was closed for Good Friday, but both the hubs and I had to work, so Memere came and got him Thursday afternoon and kept him until Sunday.

The easter bunny left a bucket of treats at our house for the little guy, so we brought them along. Glow in the dark items are a recent obsession and the bunny knows what's up, four packs of bracelets in various colors AND a glow sword.

Quinn is also completely tickled to sit quietly for huge chunks of time and work on puzzles. It's the only thing that keeps him still for that long. Bunny put two of those suckers in the basket! We also had 4 new Llama Llama books (fitting since I call him my little drama llama), egg shaped chalk (how could I not?), a travel color wonder book with marker (for future restaurant distraction), and lots of plastic eggs filled with jelly beans. PS I wish easter candy makers would get on board with more non-peanut contaminated products. I couldn't find one single chocolate bunny without the warning.

The other easter bunnies of the family set up a quick egg hunt in the back yard. Replace the smart phones with a standard film camera and I'm flashing back to many a hunt in my own Memere's yard. There were 5 cousins and we would each hunt for a specific color as to keep it even steven.

Quinn was fairly decent at the hunt, but good thing he didn't have any competition. Child is easily distracted, haha.

We were also able to get a pretty cute family picture. I still failed at getting any pictures of Quinn with grandparents or of all the awesome food. Ah well.

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