Monday, April 27, 2015

20 weeks

Baby girl had her full anatomy scan this week. I *might* have asked the ultrasound tech to double-triple make sure she is still a "she." We are good to go on buying everything pink and bows, haha!

The even better news though is that everything checks out just as it should. Such sweet relief. I'm very thankful for every report of "looking good." We had genetics testing done earlier on and no news is good news on that front as well.

So I was the crazy lady up at 3 in the morning buying baby girl Lilly for Target shifts. I was only able to get these two pretties into my cart and checked out before everything was sold out. I had planned on getting myself the matching versions but I wasn't fast enough.

Well of course that didn't stop me from obsessing over it. I found the See Ya Later shift on Instagram for not an insane mark up and bought it. I'm still on the hunt for Nosey Posey but that's proving to be a much harder find unfortunately.

The specific cravings are subsiding and my appetite is starting to come back. I am officially 3 pounds over my pre pregnancy weight but I'm sure that will start climbing soon.

I'm getting a bit of the nesting bug and looking forward to starting the nursery. Sadly we had a huge debacle with the sleeper sofa I ordered for the new combo guest/craft room. It wouldn't fit through the doorway to get it in the room, ugh! I ended up ordering a different model and now we wait another 6 weeks for it to be ready.

Comparison shot:

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