Monday, April 13, 2015

18 weeks

Still going strong on the popsicle front but I've added caesar salad to the craving mix. I guess there could be worse things to crave, but it's still all very odd to me.

I can feel more flutters now, which to be completely honest, I could do without. Yes I understand it's great that she's moving, but it's just very creepy and alien-like to me. You go majority of your life where the only time you feel something in your stomach is if you have an issue and then for 4 or 5 months it's now considered "magical." Pass.

Also the round ligament pain has begun. Ouch!

Back is starting to feel better.

Quinn is starting to connect my growing belly with baby sister. He will gently pat my tummy and recite how she's growing and one day will just POP! out, ha. He's also very excited to give baby sister his baby things like the crib, changing table, and cloth diapers.

Comparison shot of Quinn vs baby sister.

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