Thursday, November 29, 2012

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree

If you know me at all, then you know I love Christmas, especially decorating for it. If you know the hubs at all, then you know he is obsessed with Christmas. Not even kidding a little, he blows my love for all things merry and bright out of the water.

This year we have four trees. That's right, four seven and a half foot, full blown, fully decorated trees. It all started with a Clemson themed tree. Then we added a traditional tree. Then came my Coca-Cola tree. Now we have added a tree on our front porch.

With the baby this year, I'm having to decorate in stages. Tuesday night we decorated the Coca-Cola themed tree. I just love this how it looks. It fits so perfectly in my Coca-Cola themed breakfast room.

The next tree we decorated last night was the traditional tree. This tree needs some help. I feel like it's seriously lacking something. We definitely don't have as many ornaments for this tree. The ones that are currently up there are things we've picked up on trips or received as gifts or brought home from ornament exchange parties. I do have some "fillers" in there but I think I need more.

The next tree would normally be the Clemson tree but we are currently waiting on replacement lights to come in the mail. We bought a brand new pre-lite tree this year and of course the very top section was a dud. Maybe I'll decorate the tree on our porch next. I'll be sure to post more pictures because Lord knows we are far from done adding to the holly jolly!

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