Monday, October 18, 2010

world market

I had my very first encounter with a World Market this past weekend.

Ohh Emm Gee! Holy cuteness batman. I wanted everything in that store. I restrained myself and kept it down to just few things.

pashmina (I brought home the purple version, of course)

fun red knobs for our desk (which was currently missing two out of the six)

we've had the glass drink dispenser since we've been married, but soon realized we should have picked one that came with a stand...ta-da! I found a stand that fit for $5

I adore this child's picnic set and think it would be perfect for my niece

I'm also trying to convince the hubs how perfect this dining room table would be for us

I'm already planning to go back to pick up a few things for our Thanksgiving party. Can't wait!

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