Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sooooo what have I been up to? Obviously not blogging...

  • This past weekend we went to Clemson for the football game against Miami. Sadly we lost and I also got a lovely sunburn sitting in the upper deck.
  • Sunday we had planned to get some projects done, but after spending the previous day in the sun and running around campus we ended up crashing on the couch for a little while.
  • The hubs did manage to fix the screened-in porch...again.
  • This time it's hooked up to a doggie electric fence and yes Ella has already been zapped, but it only took once.
  • Last night we started messing around with The Big Mo. After about 3 plus hours we got one shirt embroidered.
  • Tonight was supposed to be scrapbook night with Allison, but her husband's tire blew on the interstate about 45 minutes away and she had to go rescue him.
  • I hemmed a formal dress for my friend Jessica instead.
  • And put away laundry...
  • And baked cookies.

Exciting huh? This weekend we're going to the USC vs. Alabama game to support my brother who marches in USC's band and who also currently has his foot in a cast from playing frisbee. Yea, frisbee. He's special like that.

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