Wednesday, February 3, 2010

take me back tuesday: on wednesday ugh

So I finally got my act together (even though it's a day late) to bring you my very first installment of take me back tuesday. I had seen this on Meredith's awesome blog (go check her out!) and asked if I could copy her if I promised to give her cred. She gave me the green light!

Today's pictures are from my dance years. Since I danced from age 3 to 18 there are many to chose from.

My very first dance recital. I'm the cutie blonde second from the right. Look at that form! I was all over it when the other girls were lost. I still have that costume. (Thanks mom for saving all of them! The hubs is especially grateful slash not really and has already tried to get me to trash them.)

The company I danced with, Kalia Karr, had a theme for the recital every year. This year's theme was "Going to the Circus". I was supposed to be a popcorn girl but they never got the trays of popcorn made in time for the actual recital. Sads. I also totally forgot to bring my tights for picture day...whoops.

Mom would often have me pose all over our yard so she could take pics. My little brother was (is) a huge ham and couldn't resist jumping in on the action.


  1. awww, too cute!!!!!! you were and are adorable! i love that you had a perfect pose in every picture. strike it, girl!

  2. I don't have a scanner so I guess no pictures for you guys! But I love yours!

  3. I too danced from 3-18 and I find myself missing it more than I ever thought possible. I know I have a few costumes somewhere but the one that sticks out the most in my mind is my very first tutu. So precious!