Friday, February 12, 2010

happy thursday

Have I mentioned that I love my husband? That he's the greatest ever? Well it's true and here's a little bit of proof. Yesterday morning we got up and did our normal routine of getting ready in the morning. The hubs kissed me goodbye and headed off to work. I finished getting everything ready and as I went to put my lunch in my bag I found a little surprise.

This beautiful little blue box was wrapped in tissue paper and tucked into my bag.

There was a card that I opened first. At first it worried me a little because it seemed a bit on the mushy side and my hubby is not a mushy kind of guy.

The punch line on the inside took the mushy worry away. See how he signed it "Happy Thursday"? Happy Thursday indeed!

Inside the box was the Tiffany's heart charm bracelet I've been wanting forever and another little note. This one reads: I know you have wanted this for a long time, and I know that we're spending a lot of money right now, but I wanted you to be able to wear it as we buy our first house on Friday :)


He had my initials engraved on the other side.

Of course I called him right away to tell him how much I love him and how lucky I am that he's mine, and I am lucky, very lucky. Everytime I look at my bracelet all I can think is "damn, glad he's mine."


  1. This is just precious. My hubs surprised me this morning also with a great mix cd. Don't you love it when they make putting up with them worth it! Hope you guys have a great Valentines and CONGRATS on the house!

  2. You're SO lucky. I'm SO jealous. Enjoy your bracelet AND your husband. Where was he when I was dating???

  3. i can't even read this

    love makes me heave kittens out of my clavicle and at times my femur

    i saw the blue box, the jewelry and said - i am out of here

  4. I want something from Tiffany. Sigh.