Thursday, December 25, 2008

December 25th

After all the excitement in Chapin we headed to Greenville for more Christmas fun. As we walked in the door Ashley greeted us bouncing up and down. She had already begun opening her presents, but of course was ready for more. Ashley had the job of crawling under the Christmas tree to get the presents and pass them out to everyone. It was quite cute to see her bottom-up under the tree.

We gave Ashley a princess sparkly coloring book for her color wonder along with this giant stuffed dog. It is nearly as big as her and perfect for sleeping on. She immediately threw it on the floor and laid on top of it, then it was onto the next present.

Eric got a bib that said, "No more silent nights" which Kathy put on him right then and there. He was dressed in a Santa suit so the bib fit quite perfectly. We also gave him this ADORABLE footie-jumper-whatchamacallit. It's light brown and really soft. The hood has little antlers on it, the bum has a deer tail, and the bottoms of the footies have hoof prints on them. If you put a little red on his nose he'd be Rudolf!

Kevin got a new tennis bag and Kathy got a pewter school bus frame that holds school pictures from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Danny's dad, Gil, is part of the American Legion so I found a set of 8 American Legion magazines from the 1930s. He was amazed when I told him I got them off ebay, actually Kevin and Kathy's presents came off ebay too. Isn't ebay wonderful?

Danny's mom, Harriette, also received a wedding scrapbook. She had been asking for pictures so she could scrapbook the wedding herself, but I held off because I wanted to make scrapbooks for both mothers for Christmas.

When the dust had settled and all the wrapping paper had been cleared away, Ashley helped Harriette and Kathy make fudge cookies and Danny and Kevin disappeared into the back room. Danny had brought his new Wii and the boys stayed in the back room for the next three hours playing Mario Kart. Kevin was holding Eric while he was playing and when Kevin and Danny got excited and started yelling, Eric started to cry.

Later that night Danny and I went to see the movie Marley and Me. There were no tickets available for the show we planned on seeing, so we bought tickets for the next show and decided to drive around for a bit to pass the time. Since it was Christmas no stores were open, but Roper Mountain was. I had never been before so Danny took me through it. You can drive through the park and look at all the Christmas lights they have set up. The biggest is the star they have set up that you can see up on Roper Mountain. You can see it miles away. After that we drove through some new neighborhoods and then back to see the movie. It was a really great movie, but I recommend bringing tissues if you plan to go see it. When the credits started playing at the end of the movie you could here lots of people sniffling. It was very heartwarming though.

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