Thursday, December 25, 2008

December 25th

Before I tell you about Christmas morning, I need to tell you another little story first… The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Danny and I went to the Food Lion down the street to get our Tom turkeys. As we walked in there was the first batch of freshly cut Christmas trees. Danny asked if we could get two while we were there. I told him let’s wait until tomorrow because it will be pay day and we’ll actually have the money. He tried to convince me to put it on the credit card, but I held firm. During the car ride home Danny announced that he was going to wake me up early the next morning so we could go get the trees before work. I laughed, said “yea right,” and thought he couldn’t be serious.

Our two trees in the back of Danny's truck

At 6:30 Wednesday morning Danny woke me up by jumping on the bed yelling, “Christmas trees!! Christmas trees!!” Reluctantly, I got out of bed and we went and got our trees at 7 in the morning. This is the level of excitement Danny had just for getting our Christmas trees.

Danny excited to have his trees

Actual Christmas morning on the other hand was a different story. In the past we had opened presents with my parents and brother on Christmas Eve so that we could go to Greenville on Christmas morning to open gifts with them. This year my brother announced that he refused to open gifts early because it was no fun waking up Christmas morning and have nothing to do. Since we had to do presents with both families in one day, the day needed to start early. We determined that we would be at my parents’ house by 7:30 so we could get on the road to Greenville around 9ish.

The alarm went off at 6:30 and I got up and started coffee. Danny was still in bed. I tried to get him up but he just ignored me. At 6:45 I tried to shake him, no luck. At 7 I tried again, no luck and pretty grumpy. At this point I got annoyed and just sat in the living room watching tv. I heard his phone go off and it was my dad. Danny told him he was up and then I heard the shower turn on. Are you kidding me? I wanted to open presents and he was taking a shower first?! After Danny got out of the shower I then took a shower because I wasn’t going to be the only one sitting in my pjs still. We finally began opening presents at 7:45, fifteen minutes past the time we were supposed to already be at my parents’ house. Casey called me about then with a, “Merry Christmas! Where the hell are you?” Apparently mom and daddy wouldn’t let him start until we got there which I thought was pretty funny.

Once Danny actually woke up we had a pretty good Christmas. I got lots of Coca-Cola things for my kitchen, the best being a custom cover for my Kitchenaid mixer made out of Coca-Cola material. Danny got a large rolling toolbox from me. At 8:30 we had made it to my parents’ house and began the festivities there. There was tons of stuff and I loved all of it. Daddy got a Wii because he’s addicted to Casey’s. Mom got an electronic book reader thingy. Casey got rock band. Danny got his own Wii. I got the jewelry box I had been wanting. I think we left the house for Greenville around 10…just a bit later than we had hoped for but oh well it’s Christmas!

Daddy with his black lab wine bottle holder

Mom with the wedding scrapbook I made her

The beautiful lab picture my parents gave us

Danny with his new tools!

Happy couple

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