Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 6th

This past Saturday Danny and I went to our first Christmas party of the season. It was hosted by our friends Jessica and her boyfriend Bryan. I was a little weary because I didn’t recognize many people on the guest list, but we ended up having a blast! The Antleys were there (Jason, Kristen, and Jennifer) which always make for a fun and interesting evening. I could listen to Jason tell stories all night long. Jason and another guy there, Ryan, were very comical that night. The funny part is that they both happen to be studying to be Lutheran preachers. You don’t expect preachers to cut up as much as they did but it sure makes me want to go hear them preach!

There was an ornament exchange at the party. We brought a football playing Santa, which Jen ended up with, and we left with a glass angel. I was very excited to add this to our tree. It has a story behind it unlike our other ornaments that we just bought at a store. I hope to have more ornament exchanges in the future.

I’d really love to have a Christmas party at our house this year, but unfortunately we just don’t have any time. This weekend, we are going to Hartsville to visit Matt, Robin, and her grandparents (as well as pick up a free freezer!). Next weekend, we are having Tim, Lynn, the girls, Bobby, and Patty over for dinner. We want to show them the house since we’ve moved in. They are the family that owns the house we are renting. We had planned on having a huge party to celebrate the house being finished but it just never happened. Time has flown by so fast!

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