Sunday, October 13, 2013

clemson vs boston college game

Woowhee, that was a game! It definitely should not have been as emotional as it was. Thankfully Clemson pulled through in the end.

Our weekend started late late late on Friday night. The hubs had been working all week in Florida, so he had to make the drive all the way home Friday night. Quinn and I got to Clemson around dinner time, but the hubs didn't pull into the driveway until midnight. I stayed up waiting for him which I definitely shouldn't have because someone decided it was time to rise and shine at 6am.

I tried to distract him with some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse watching hoping I could at least close my eyes, but that wasn't good enough.

There was dancing, snacking, and lots of lego playing. Thankfully his cousin Eric came out to play and they could entertain each other.

While we headed off to campus for the afternoon, Kathy and Kevin took all three kids to a pumpkin patch. I believe they ended up having more fun than we did ha!

90 Minutes Before Kickoff is always a good show. Tiger Band never disappoints!

The drumline put out a great show! Love when they add tricks into their routine.

It also happened to be Twirler and Dancer for a Day during pregame. I think there was over 200 little ones out there! So cute! If we have a little girl you better believe I will sign her up for stuff like that haha.

While I struggled to stay awake during the game, my sister-in-law texted me all of these adorable pictures! Proof that Quinn had the BEST time with his cousins. His clothes also served as proof. They were filthy. I even found a couple corn kernels in the washing machine the next day!

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