Monday, July 1, 2013

weekend wrap up

On Friday, my work hosted a cook out to celebrate the 4th a little early. There was yummy catered food, picnic tables set up outside, games, a raffle, and a bounce house for the kids. We were invited to bring our families and enjoy the afternoon outside. The hubs was planning on coming, but got stuck in Charleston working. I went and picked up Quinn from daycare and brought him back.

He was being painfully shy that afternoon, so I decided to keep him at my cubicle instead of taking him outside with tons of people. After about half an hour he warmed up to my coworkers and would run back and forth between our desks. We were able to leave at 3 o'clock and play the rest of the afternoon at home.

On Saturday, the hubs wanted to work on the boat so we all just hung around the house. I took Quinn for a wagon ride around the neighborhood. He just loves his new wagon. I have to say I'm pretty jealous of all its bells and whistles. My wagon growing up was just a basic wooden Radio Flyer. This one is by Little Tykes and comes with an umbrella, a soft cooler that hangs on the back, two little flip up seats with seat belts, and six cup holders!

When we pulled back into the driveway the hubs put Quinn in the boat. He thought he was too cool for school.

In fact, he did NOT want to get out of the boat for lunch ha! I could tell from the whining we were quickly approaching nap time though.

I call this the sippy face. I'm on the hunt for the perfect sippy that doesn't make a mess. The one in this picture is a tupperware cup with their sippy lid but just tipping it over lets the liquid pour on out. He's only allowed to use it under supervision. I tried the Playtex straw sippies but milk kept exploding out of the straw everywhere so those were returned. We also have the kid's camelbaks, but milk creeps out of the straws with those too. I'm trying some non-straw sippies next. We'll see.

Sunday morning we went to church and ran a couple errands afterwards. We came home and had lunch and let Quinn run around a bit before nap time. He was playing with his Cozy Truck and the hubs started closing and opening doors. Quinn wanted the side door shut and the tailgate open. The hubs kept doing the opposite and Quinn would run back and forth trying to fix it his way.

I could just not stop laughing! Eventually Quinn caught on to what the hubs was doing and pushed the truck out of his reach. It did tire him out though and he took a 3 hour nap!

After nap time our preacher came over to get to know us a bit better. Quinn took to him immediately. He must have brought him nearly every toy in the living room and he even asked to be held. It was so cute. I wish I had gotten a picture!

After Quinn went to bed, the hubs called me out to take a look at his handy work.

He started this boat project 3 years ago when we bought it. Lucky for us (or rather very unlucky), the first time we ever took the boat out was for 4th of July weekend. We hit a rough wave and the transom went boom. The wood had rotted. Since then, the hubs has pulled apart the boat to the fiberglass shell, completely replaced the wood holding the motor as well as all the decking, put in new carpet, redid the seats (I actually helped with this part and made all new seat cushions with new marine vinyl), and this weekend he put in a new radio, finished a few pieces of carpet, and painted the exposed wood grey to match the carpet.

There is only one small piece of carpet in the front of the boat that needs to be done and we're finished! We were talking about what we should name the boat and I suggested Took Long Enough, ha! We plan on enjoying our toy this weekend for the 4th!

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