Monday, July 8, 2013

boat! daddy's boat!

At the last minute, my boss decided to shut down on Friday giving us a lovely four day weekend. The hubs still had to work, so I decided to pack up the kid and head to my parents' house. The hubs would leave Friday night and tow the boat so we could play out on Lake Murray all weekend. It was glorious!

On Friday, we managed to take a quick ride on my parents' boat and a little dip in the water before the clouds rolled in. It ended up working out well though because Quinn was ready for a nap. After his nap, I had made an appointment with Picture People. I just love their $16 Groupon specials. It's been a great way to get professional pictures done without costing a fortune.

Quinn made me work for my money though. Child would not sit still! He was a man on the go and I'm certain 75% of the pictures were blurry ha! What happened to my baby that had to be laid on the bean bag?

Saturday was a full on lake day! My brother and two of his friends came down from school for the afternoon. The hubs launched our boat at Dreher Island and we took the pontoon over there to meet him.

Quinn could barely move in his life jacket at first lol

Don't you go boating with lovies and a passy?

Our boat is finally finished!

Swimming with Memere

We decided to skip nap time and go straight to snack time

Quinn with his Uncle Casey

A well balanced diet is a cookie in each hand

The hubs towing my brother and his friends around on the tube

I opted for some lounging instead

Bubs is worn out

We were probably out on the lake for a total of four hours, but that was plenty! We came in and got caught in a bit of a rain storm but it left as quickly as it approached. I'm not sure what happened but Quinn seems to find his 32nd wind of the day and bounced all over the place. After my mom got him to bed I proceeded to crash at 8:45 that night and slept for the next 11 hours. Glorious!

Sunday we did some more of the same. Boat floating, lounging in the sun, splashing in the water, and skipping naps!

I always joke that we have to feed him orange food to keep his orange hair

By the second day, Quinn was really getting into playing in the water

Quinn and I left around 6 o'clock on Sunday. We hadn't even made it 10 minutes down the road when I looked in my mirror and saw him completely passed out. I'd say that this weekend was a complete success!

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