Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year indeed

This year my best friend Shannon and her boyfriend Brian came up from Atlanta to spend the long weekend with us and ring in the new year. I was especially excited for her visit, not just to spend time with her, but also because Brian had a surprise up his sleeve.

He had been calling and texting me the weeks before and he planned on proposing! With a little help from me and the hubs, this is how it all panned out.

I had Shannon help me give Quinn his bath as a distraction while the boys did the set up in the back yard. She thought they were just goofing off together in the garage, but really they were taking strings of Christmas lights and spelling out "will u marry me."

After Quinn was out for the night the boys said they wanted to go play with some fireworks outside before dinner. Totally normal for our two! She didn't suspect anything even when I busted out the video camera.

Brian told Shannon that she needed to set off a bottle rocket, so she complied and held it as it shot off it's 10 different rockets. He told her "ok, one more" and after some fussing, Shannon complied again, but this time as he handed her the lit rocket, he had also slipped her ring around the middle of it.

I wish I had the video edited so I could post it because he reaction was priceless. She started yelling "Oh my God! Oh my God! Brian what are you doing? Oh my God!" Of course the best part was that she had to continue to hold the bottle rocket until it was done shooting off. There were tears and hugs, kisses and smiles, and of course she said yes.

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