Friday, December 28, 2012

five friday confessions

  • There were so many things that I wanted to do on Christmas that just didn't happen so I'm already thinking of how I can squeeze them in next year ha!
  • I cannot get Bruno Mars' Locked Out of Heaven out of my head. It's just too dang catchy and driving me crazy!
  • I finally purchased a couple pairs of new jeans. They are two sizes smaller than my pre-pregnancy ones and instead of doing a happy dance all I can think is "damn vanity sizing."
  • I think I am ready to start tackling the craft room/office. The hubs had to clean it up so we could put a blow up mattress in there. Once I saw how much is in there is didn't feel as overwhelming. I need my creative space back!
  • For Christmas eve dinner, we ate in the formal dining room, sitting in our new chairs, around our gorgeous table, with our fancy Spode Woodland Hunting Dog china. I wish I had the energy to have dinner like that every night. {Did I mention we were all in our Christmas pjs? Perfection.} 

Quinn helping daddy assemble the new dining room chairs

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