Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day

If you know my husband at all then you know he's not a mushy guy. It's just not his thing to be overly romantic in a cliche kind of way. He shows his affection on his own terms.

I'm not quite sure when it started but at one point while we were dating we started a joke that became "our thing." I would tell him he loved me and he would respond with "only on Tuesdays" which I would follow with "no, everyday."

It became such a constant joke that I had the inside of his wedding band engraved with "everyday is Tuesday" as my special form of I love you. Well as luck would have it, Valentine's Day happens to fall on a Tuesday this year.

The hubs had flowers delivered to me at work claiming it was all Quinn's idea. Either way it make this girl's day that much brighter.

I'm one lucky mama to have this cutie as one of my valentines.

I was also lucky enough to spend the evening with my parents since the hubs was out of town for the day of love. They brought over dinner, gave their grandbaby lots of kisses, and kept me company for the evening. 

It may not have been an over-the-top super romantic way to spend Valentine's Day, but it was my kind of perfect.

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  1. That's cute! :-)

    D would always ask me what he was going to do with me... I'd tell him "Keep me & love me"...so that's what is inside his band. He can't shake me now! ;-)

    Looking forward to you guys being in Greenville!