Thursday, June 23, 2011

father's day

After a delicious dinner daddy sat down to open up all his presents.

what's in this bag I wonder?

the cheese monster with his new float from mom

new hat, swimming trunks, and dry box from Casey

and the hubs and I gave daddy new swimming trunks as well

This year's father's day seemed to follow a theme...goodies for the lake! The funniest part was when we all busted mom. Earlier while discussing gift options for daddy I said I could get him some new bright swim trunks. She pleaded requested that I refrain from anything too bright and go for more basic options. Well what fun is that? The pair above is the toned down option I gave him. Not pictured is the second pair which depicts a yellow-orange-red sunset fade behind black palm trees. Very subtle right? Hehe.

Well when he opened the gifts I couldn't help but start laughing and mom was shaking her head. Daddy was confused and I had to tell him about the earlier conversation. He then replied with, " that why my favorite pair of yellow ones disappeared??"

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