Sunday, June 12, 2011

baby scales

*Warning* This post in nothing but ultrasound pictures, so if you find them creepy or just not that interesting, I suggest you skip this post.

Last weekend I was at the sixteen week mark and I was able to get my first ultrasound pictures since the very first round at eight weeks. Most doctors want to do your ultrasound between 20-24 weeks, but I know people. I have this amazing friend Kristen who is studying to be a tech so we took full advantage and had some fun!

At first Kristen thought I was having a little boy, but by the end of the hour and half session we were pretty sure that what we saw was the umbilical cord and we were having a girl! Bring on the pink and sparkles!

This weekend I went back found another round of fun at seventeen weeks. The hubs didn't come along this time and he sure missed out on some laughs.

I sure was surprised when this time we saw little boy bits! So much for pink and sparkles haha. Luckily we hadn't purchased anything yet, but being the cautious man he is, the hubs still wants to wait incase the boy bits turn back into girl bits. I guess we will see what happens the next time.

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