Tuesday, June 15, 2010

beach countdown...38 days

We officially have a beach trip planned!

Normally my parents have access to a beach house for the week of July 4th. Last year we opted out and went to Florida with the hubs family. This year we were planning, counting on really, the beach house with my fam. What happens? No beach house - ugh.

I was bumming that we didn't have a vacay planned. What is there to look forward to? The hubs and I talked about renting our own house for a week but that's expensive. We needed people.

Luckily a good chunk of our friends are teachers and teachers have the summer off. A couple of calls later and we had four people ready to rent with us! I started the internet search and found us a house on Folly Beach for a week. Beach vacation here we come!

Now all I can think about is the beach! Working out for the beach, prepping for the beach, and shopping for the beach! Too bad I don't have the money for that haha.

Anyone know of any good sales going on?

1 comment:

  1. Fun fun fun! Love the beach! Enjoy! Sales - let's see, Ann Taylor Loft had some cute dresses on sale the other day. Fun beachy things.