Sunday, June 27, 2010

another wedding weekend

This weekend our friends Jessica and Bryan tied the knot! The hubs and I headed to Greenville Friday night for some much needed booty shakin' and beer drinkin' at the Blind Horse Saloon. Neil, Kelly, and Shannon joined us and even though I was exhausted, I somehow managed to get my second wind so I could dance the night away with the bestie.

Saturday we killed time with lunch at Stax and some shopping before getting ready for the night's big event. Jessica and Bryan were married at the Lutheran church downtown followed by a beautiful reception at her parents' country club.

This was the best picture I could get of the ceremony considering I had my little point and shoot, I didn't use my flash, and I was sitting in the back of the church

just a little bathroom pic love before the party started

I loved their monogram on the dance floor

isn't she pretty?

this cake cutter made me giggle

a glass of wine for me, a pitcher of beer for him
everyone's happy

the Carolina-Clemson baseball game happened to be during their wedding and Becca happened to have it on her iphone

Jessica's dress was beyond gorgeous

I love how they shagged for their first dance...very southern

Jessica shagged with her dad for the father-daughter dance as well

mother-son dance

the MOH, Jennifer (also my former roommate), and Shannon

got him to take a smiling picture, but not without the beer

watching the game on another phone once Becca's battery died (sadly Clemson lost, le sigh)

Jason and Kristen dancing cheek to cheek

the band started handing out all these crazy hats and everyone started to really get into it

the hubs with the (pirate) groom

Neil, Jennifer, and Danny

a little bride and groom booty shakin'

just a little bromance

a little help from my friends

Firefly sweet tea vodka - 10 Neil - 0

their getaway car with the honeymoon bag we gave them
it was filled with towels, sunscreen, coozies, daiquiri mix, and the like

the window says, "no honeymoon babies!"

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  1. Love that you wrote that on the car! What is shagging? I want to see a better picture of her dress! Steal one from facebook!