Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21st

Saturday morning I made the trek to Clemson to join Kathy, Kevin, Harriette, Ashley, and Eric on an adventure to Scaly Mountain. Danny wasn't interested so he stayed at home.

The first stop on the adventure was lunch at the Dillard House. They serve some amazing southern food. Eric had his first taste of squash and boy did he love it. I tried collards for the first time and was pretty surprised at how sweet they are.

After completely stuffing our faces, we had to wake up and will ourselves to get up from the table. Now it was time for the real reason we were there, snow tubing!

Ashley was quite excited but we never could convince her to go down the big hill. We all got lots of exercise hauling the tubes up the hill over and over but it was lots of fun.

All bundled up

Me and Kathy

Ashley playing in the snow

Kathy and Kevin


Me and Kevin

Kevin and Kathy

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