Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14th

On Valentine's Day the air was filled with...skeets. What says I love you more than shooting skeet? Danny had been itching to use his new shot gun and skeet thrower since the day he got them, so why not use them on Valentine's Day.

Jim, Casey, and Kathleen all came over that afternoon to blow through a couple of boxes of clay skeets. I fired a 20 gauge shot gun and a 12 gauge shot gun once each and that was enough for me. I'm not a big fan of the kick or the loud bang, so I went back to popping off Danny's 22 rifle at the targets he had set up for me.

Later that afternoon Neil showed up. Everyone had finished up the ammo and we were getting hungry. Danny and the boys grilled some amazing steaks and started a bon fire. Mary came and helped me make mac n cheese, green beans, and cornbread. We all ate very well that night. The beer pong table was set up and the drinking commenced. The boys played while Mary and I made smores. Yummy! Another fun night with friends!

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